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Phosphorescent - Song For Zula

Oh love, that emotion that unites us all that we just can't seem to hide. It manifests itself everywhere and we all think of it kind of differently, some claim it's blinding while others insist it's eye opening. Is it crippling or invigorating? Does it set the world ablaze or calm the storm? Who knows? We all experience love at one point or another, it hushes some while giving voice to others, and one such piece that has arisen out of the latter group of folks called "Song For Zula" highlights the dichotomy that is love. Matthew Houck of Phosphorescent helps us all clarify (sort of) what that ridiculous juxtaposition called love really is. Check it:


Alice Boman - Waiting

You can't help when certain things cross your path, we know it's the start of a 3 day weekend so if you don't want some feels right now go ahead and watch this video to find something for weekends.

For all you unabashedly emotional types that are still reading listen up: The Sound Atlas is not responsible for any damage caused by the waterfall of tears that is about to erupt from your face.

This piece by Alice Boman was never supposed to be heard by anybody, but circumstance had a different plan. Adrian Recordings wasn't supposed to sign anybody new, but circumstance had a different plan. The recording that she made in her home escaped, traded hands a few times, and ended up on their desks (probably with a tear stained track-list). Then we came across it... and well, it took our breath away. The slow electronic hum frames Alice's fragile voice and they culminate in something that is sure to tug on your heart strings. The best part is that you don't have to worry about finding time in your busy schedule to listen, because we're pretty sure the world freezes while it's playing.


Baio - Mira

If Bach had been able to make electronic music we imagine it would sound something similar to the highly precise style of Chris Baio's pieces (but of course there would probably be a harpsichord in it).  You might know Chris because he's the bassist for Vampire Weekend, and let's face it if you don't know them you have bigger problems, anyways Baio is an electronic side-project of his that has produced some amazing dance music. His new EP is great and definitely worth checking out/obsessing over, here's the title track to get you started:


Kwabs - Last Stand (produced by SOHN)

"Last Stand" is a piece that has the power to stop your day in its tracks, well for 3 minutes and 28 seconds at least. A few weeks ago we posted another collaboration by SOHN and BANKS that was nothing short of breathtaking, and now he's done it again with London-based Ghanaian Kwabena Adjepong, or Kwabs for short, to create another show-stopper. Kwabs' rich and soulful lyrics layered over SOHN's refined electronic sound constitute this amazing piece, it is an absolute revelation! Listen to this and feel time melt away:


Grouplove - Ways to Go

Ok so we've been catching up on September's horde of indie-pop releases and in the process of doing so we stumbled across Grouplove's single "Ways to Go" and pressing the "share" button was simply reactionary. It's a song that captures exactly what it is about the indie-pop genre that is so enchanting; the high-energy, head-bobbing, springy beats paired with simple but warm vocals that satisfy the musical pallet ever so much. Check it out and get ready for the weekend with something both relaxing and upbeat!


Chelsea Lankes - GHOST

Our repeat button got a good mashing today when this sound crossed our path here at The Sound Atlas. "GHOST" by Chelsea Lankes is the name of the tune and it's definitely a good one. Lankes hails from Nashville, Tennessee (weird right?), but don't let that stop her ethereal and dreamy sound from caressing your eardrums and lulling you into a haze of beautiful sadness. It's mysterious, it's gorgeous, it's FREE! Listen and download below.


Great Good Fine Ok - You're The One For Me

Can't get much more unknown than Great Good Fine Ok, being completely fresh to the music scene means it's rather difficult to find info on them. We know they're a quartet from Brooklyn though! However in the four short weeks since their single "You're The One For Me" debuted there's been one heck of buzz surrounding them in the blogosphere. It must be the combination of their progressive synths and their light, almost frothy, vocals laid on top of one killer electronic sound that's causing the stir. Get ready to catch what is sure to be a rising group here (it's also a FREE DOWNLOAD!):



There's a lot of noise out there, let us map out the sounds you want to hear!